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Grow your Influence

Increase your Impact and

Soar to New Leadership Heights

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Are you a Leader Looking to

Rock Your Career

But are left feeling :

  • Done with the drama and want to get on with driving your business forward
  • Stressed and struggling to maintain work-life boundaries
  • Frustrated at the blocks in your way as you try to implement change
  • Drained by the complexity of managing a team in a hybrid world
  • Uncomfortable about how to have courageous conversations with colleagues and direct reports

There is so much information out there it feels like an impossible task to know where to turn.

This leaves you feeling more :

  • Confused on how to build trust and engage employees so that they stay
  • Overwhelmed on how to plan a strategy for your business or team
  • Defeated that you not making the progress in your career that you want
  • Left wondering how to stay visible and accelerate your career

Where do you start? Who do you turn to?

Having been told over and over again by exasperated leaders that they are looking for pragmatic ideas that can be turned into immediate action,

we have created this Summit for you so that YOU CAN....

Stop the Frustration

Take the Right Action

Feel Like You’re in Control Again

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Join the Rising Leaders Global Summit and


Stop trying to do it all by yourself and join the Rising Leaders Summit in a 2-day interactive workshop specifically curated for aspiring New & Middle Level Leaders. You will gain practical skills and new ways of helping you succeed to raise your game in a short amount of time.

And you'll be hearing from people who have failed over again and gotten back up again more times than they care to remember!

The Rising Leaders Summit is packed full of a diverse group of experts who address some of the challenges you face in short digestible 45-minute sessions to give you the tools and the actions you need to take and create an action plan and apply immediately.

Here is what you will gain from our time together:

  • Actionable Insights that will transform the way you lead yourself and others

  • Top tips on how to cut through the ambiguity so that you gain Leadership clarity

  • Inspiration to light a fire under your Career in 2022 – and beyond

  • The keys to success from some of the most experienced minds in Leadership

  • Strategies to remove stress, drama and the anxiety so that you have more energy and happiness

  • A Toolkit of new ideas in Leadership so you can level-up your Career




The Rising Leaders Global Summit will include some of the most Successful Leaders, Coaches and Thought Leaders in their Fields

Featured Speakers

Lyn Christian

In the Leadership Coaching Seat

Experience a Leadership Coaching Conversation. In this Session, Lyn Christian will put one of you in the Hot Seat to demonstrate a live example.

Brenda Hooper

Redesigning Conflict to Amp Employee Engagement

A big part of employee engagement involves creating a safe space to share and debate different ideas. This session addresses ways for leaders to avoid situations with hurt feelings and conflict into productive discussions.

Likky Lavji

Blind Spot Break-throughs for Team Excellence

Blind spots are the enemy of excellence. Learn how to expose and mitigate your blind spots so you can live a life of excellence at work and home!

Helen Perry

How to Get There: A Talk About Strategy

Break down the steps to backwards planning, the simple format taught by the US Military, as well as the three main types of plans that every professional needs to have in place to maximize their success.

Kelley Brakstad

Earning The Right To Lead

So you now manage People ! Shift from Management to Leadership through learning how to adapt your leadership style and strategy depending on each employee’s performance, talents, and unique potential.

Dr. Robin McKay

How to Land your Dream Job in the Middle of a Global Pandemic

Beyond optimizing your linked in profile, polishing your resume and surfing job boards, Dr McKay shares the inner and outer shifts you can (and should) make when you’re really ready to land your best job…even in the middle of a pandemic.

Dr. Lesley Ann Taylor

The ABC of crafting your story with the OOOO Factor

An interactive workshop focusing on how to Accept where you began, Build on what you have now, and go forward to Communicate your story effectively and convey the best version of yourself, the values you stand for, and how you can serve.

Lisa Manyoky

Fast Track Your Career with Presence Intelligence®

Learn how Presence Intelligence® can help align the best parts of who you are on the inside with what you project on the outside so that you show up strong, radiate confidence and swing the doors to opportunity wide open.

Nishi Ayer

Overcoming Overwhelm To Help Managers Thrive

This session will provide tips and tools to prioritize and focus on the essentials, delegate, help you say NO and manage your time effectively all leading to a more empowered and confident You!

Gene Bernier

Beyond the Fog

Join Gene for an interview style conversation about finding your feet, focusing on what is actually important for you and facing the fear surrounding the actions you may be avoiding.

Vernon Simpson

Leading in a VUCA and COVID 19 Environment

You will be introduced to how to capture insights, learn from you peers and adapt ways of empowerment and self-care to ensure you are fit for purpose and on top of your game.

Kim Raaijmakers

The Unconscious Language of Communication

During this session, Kim will share how your communication affects your unconscious and tips on how to maximize the language you use for more impactful communication both for yourself and with others.

Danielle Kettlewell

Leading with UnShakeable Mindset

In this talk you will hear from Danielle Kettlewell - Olympian, Author, Speaker and Coach who cultivated her unshakeable mindset to make it to the Olympic Games in 2016. You will walk away from this talk with a burning inspiration in your heart to lead with belief and possibility as well as practical tools to help you through any adverse time.

Debbie Colburn

Toxic or Terrified or Both? The #1 Thing Your Staff are Afraid to Share with You

In this conversation, Debbie will explain how your employees personal relationship with money can be the reason they can't get on the same page as the team, will guide you through the first steps of gathering the breadcrumbs and show when to lean into moments where a softer, more empathetic approach may work better.

Heather Pacaro

How to Find your Voice as a Leader

In this session, you will gain tools to help uncover your own thoughts and ideas, outside of external influences, use your vision and values to anchor yourself during difficulty and connect with your inner wisdom to solve problems in the moment.

Emily Perry

Rise Into Your Purpose as a Lit-Up Leader

Lean into your leadership: Emily will be sharing mindset shifts to move through the four inner barriers to growth that rising leaders face so that you can take a bold stand for your purpose and vision as a lit-up leader.

Fiona Dowling

Boost Team Dynamics in the Virtual World

In this session, learn how to leverage your leadership skills in the virtual world by facilitating a thinking environment that is safe, focused and inclusive.

Sudeshna Sen

If You Don’t Agree With Your CEO, Quit!

Want to know how to grow your career in a way that is aligned to your purpose? Find out if the company you work for upholds your purpose. There is no right or wrong way but if you don’t agree with your CEO, you won’t be able to grow your career within the company in the most aligned and purposeful way.


Individual Session Gifts

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Access to ALL Recordings you can watch

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  • ALL offers and gifts from each Speaker

  • Any additional Bonuses that Speakers have provided exclusive to our VIP Pass Participants

Wait there's more!

As a additional bonus, we have invited special panel speakers

for a 45-minute Q&A session on 'Leadership Lessons'

Dr. Sheila Robinson

Dr. Sheila Robinson is a celebrated publisher, author on leadership, inspiring speaker and talent innovation specialist.

Her company Diversity Woman Media is recognized nationally as a leading multi platform enterprise with program offerings that advances all dimensions of diversity and inclusion (D&I).

An expert in diversity and inclusion Dr. Robinson helps leading companies transform their culture to reach gender parity, equity and belonging by combining her first hand experience climbing the corporate ladder with the highest academic degrees, best practices from her leading magazines, and a deep passion for evidence-based workplace learnings.

Kent Highnam

Kent Highnam, Cert. ConRes., BA, MA, is an international educator and speaker with a background in international and public relations with the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross.

He has worked in a variety of organizations as an educator, facilitator and practitioner in collaborative processes in both English and French. As Dean of JIBC's School of Health and Community Social Justice, Kent also has extensive experience in human resources and labour relations issues.

He teaches for JIBC’s Centre for Conflict Resolution, Centre for Leadership and also instructs in JIBC’s Bachelor of Law Enforcement Studies.

Dr. Cameron Stockdale

Dr. Cameron Stockdale is an executive leader who has been researching the intersection between leadership, change management and strategic planning for over a decade.

He has worked in a variety of different settings, including more than 25 years in the healthcare field related to ambulance services, home healthcare support and more recently been appointed to the Inquiry Committee of the BC College of Pharmacists. For the past 2 years he has been the CEO of the Work Wellness Institute, a National non-profit organization whose focus is to research topics related to occupational health, safety and inclusive workplaces.

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